Monday, August 25, 2014

A fun look at Aspects: Lover

Part 5! Is it only 5? It feels like 6.

Remember that most Heroes also don't display only one aspect. A Hero is usually a good blend of a couple/several. Someone with only one Aspect would be like Q from James Bond, Yoda from original star wars, or The Mountain from Game of Thrones. They definitely are still characters, but they aren't "the Hero" and one of the reasons for that is that characters with minimal skillsets are less interesting over long periods of time. They're definitely not uninteresting, per se, but hard to follow and write for for long periods of time. For this series though, when I look at pop culture figures, I'll be highlighting characters who are exemplary at their Aspect, whether or not they are successful at other Aspects as well. Also, remember that I'm not as eloquent as my better half... by like leaps and bounds.

The Lover is a master of emotions. A Lover can be a sexy dancer that fills you with emotions, a cunning seducer who puppeteers your feelings or your husband or best friend who is always there after a hard day's work to hear about your day and relax you. Lovers are forces that not only do things but also inspire others to greatness.

We didnt have a ton of problems with Lover. Our biggest hurdle at first was how to give Lover enough to do so that it didn't seem like an unnecessary aspect - there are Lovers in mythology, so what are they doing?

But then we've had trouble reigning Lover in because it got too awesome.

Lover has Inspiration. Or rather, everyone can have Inspiration, but the Lover has more of it, regenerates it more quickly, and has Blessings that use it more efficiently. In our estimates, a balanced group (although there can certainly be groups of all types) would want at least one character as a focused Lover and another character that dabbles. The Lover's subsystem also gives power to the roleplaying of the Lover role - they're rewarded for making strong, lasting relationships with NPCs.

The Lover also has many powers that seem to merge into other Aspects a bit. Lover can seem like a Trickster, a Leader, and a Creator sometimes. It was important to make sure the Lover was doing Lover stuff. So, although the Lover could be a powerful temptress like Lady MacBeth, she would need to actually have dots in Trickster to pull a lot of that off. And an inspiring emotional warrior like Spartacus would still need actual Leader to lead armies.

Reminder that these haven't had a final balance check. So be kind to them :)

Tongue of Truth (Persuasion Blessing)
Labor: Chapter
Roll: Persuasion
Speed: Instant
Even the most artful of misdirections can be disproved by the evidence... unless a Hero chooses to use this Blessing, which can veil even cold hard fact. Whenever the Hero successfully convinces someone of something (whether it is true or not), they may use this Blessing to make themselves utterly credible, making it impossible for their target to accept that they might be wrong or untruthful. For a number of Episodes equal to the Hero's successes, their target will continue to believe them, regardless of any evidence provided to the contrary, no matter how concrete or damning. Once this Blessing's effects have ended, the target is free to evaluate information on their own again.

Fond Memory (Beauty Blessing)
Labor: Chapter
Roll: None
Speed: Dedicated
The Hero with this Blessing is so enchanting and memorable that those who interact with them are uplifted by the mere thought of them, even when the Hero is long gone. Once the Hero has used this Blessing on another person, their target gains the ability to call upon the Hero to spend a point of Inspiration for them any time during the current Chapter; when they do, the Hero spends it instantly and it affects them no matter where they are or what they are doing, as the thought of the Hero's divine allure motivates them in their time of need.


Westley: The Princess Bride
Dorothy: The Wizard of Oz
Mike: Magic Mike (or Channing Tatum in any Channing Tatum movie)
Sookie AND Jason Stackhouse: True Blood
Cersei: Game of Thrones
Esmeralda: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Samwise Gamgee: The Lord of the Rings

So many for Cersei, but it looks like they dont allow embedding. Sorry, you have to click these:
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As youuuuu wisshhhhh

Magic Mike doing his thiing. (warning: explicit!)

Esmeralda entrances everyone.

Samwise being the best possible friend. (No embed again - sorry!)