Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kickstarter Update: We Are Go!

Okay, folks, time for a quick and awesome update! (Well, we think it's awesome, and we hope you'll agree.)

First of all, the deadline for Kickstarter pledge processing has finally passed, and we are excited to announce that the missing pledges have almost all come home to roost! Thanks to all of you backers pulling together and clearing up the problems, from our original deficit of $2991, only three pledges didn't go through at the end of the day, totaling a mere $111. We couldn't have asked for more fantastic and responsive backers.

And thanks to all of you, that means our final stretch reward was reached after all, and we will be able to include cosmological art in the core rulebook! We are super pumped that we still get to do so, and the art department has mobilized to make it a reality. It's awesome. You're awesome. We're awesome.

If we can be serious for a second, we also want to reassure folks that your pledges are going straight to where they were promised. We know we posted a breakdown a little while ago (and it's still here if you'd like to see it), but we have spoken to a few backers who seem anxious. When meeting one backer and casually mentioning that we'd had to pay for valet parking in a downtown area, they said jokingly, "Well, darn, there goes most of my pledge!" and while we know they were kidding, we don't want anyone to think we're out squandering your dollars. As of Monday, all pledge money should complete transferring into our For Hero's Journey Only account, and from there it will go directly to paying manufacturers and artists. We are not using it to pay for parking, pizza, or anything else our personal life adventures require. Cross our hearts. This project was for you to support a game you want to see made, and that's exactly what the funds raised from it are doing, with no exceptions.

And speaking of backers getting things they were promised, we have received most of the surveys from all of you with your information, so we will be sending out the exclusive wallpapers, with art by Julian Lancaster, in the next few days! We will all obviously have to wait for rulebooks and physical rewards until they're finished processing, printing and casting in the coming months, but we don't see any reason you can't enjoy the purely virtual wallpapers sooner rather than later. Keep an eye out for those in your inboxes in the next few days.

Thank you, as always, for all your awesome support. Back to the editing mines for us!