Thursday, July 10, 2014

Game Recap: First Week of July

Summer makes things difficult, so we only have one game recap this week and will only have one next week as well.

Saturday: 10am - 3pm

Corey: A young Fox News intern. He's done the loaves and fishes bit a few times and people think he's Jesus. Also he grows weed in his basement.
Russell: An ex-UFC fighter who is a member of the elite super-hero group Containment Prime. He is also a drunk.
Seif: An Iraqi insurgent who has become trapped in the city. He has his young daughter with him at all times.
Skylar: An autistic teenage super-genius. He doesn't understand people, but is somehow also a member of Containment Prime.
Valentina: An international art thief who is hanging with the group for the meantime for protection.

It was a crazy week. While fire rained from the sky, Skylar continued to work on the last part of his zombie cure. Russell went out to go find cat food and bottled water in the darkness (he also found lots of liquor). Valentina and Seif laid in the darkness, suffering from the onslaught of diseases that have riddled their body. Corey watched from the small window in the door, unable to get his delicate body close to the diseases, but glowing (literally) with small rays of hope and healing. The many cats in the building are miserable. They haven't been fed in days and their pharaoh is sick. Bacon calms them and tells them of the glorious conquering they'll soon do.

Skylar has been nearly done with the cure for quite some time. However, his plan involved Corey being able to control plant energy, which he can no longer do after pledging himself to a new divine master. Skylar sat him down and explained the "Skylar pancake theory of the universe," the gist being that somewhere, there is another Corey who didn't sacrifice his powers, and we need that Corey right now. Eventually Corey develops his plant powers once again and together they are able to complete the final step for the cure.

The cure required a ventilation system to spread throughout the city. They were going to use the system here at the Empire State Building, but the rain of fire ruined it. So they head to set it up in the Chrysler Building. They set up downstairs and Skylar begins hooking the incubation system up to the building. Then, the most important part, returning electricity to the building. He takes apart his robot, and attaches the power cube to the building's generators. As he is doing that, Valentina realizes that the power cube is possibly explosive, and runs away with everyone. Corey stays to watch over Skylar. The other three rest and recuperate in an abandoned Cafe Europa.

Everything is set up and the antivirus is being sprayed into the air all over the city. Skylar reminds Corey that he's been working for weeks on end, but that when it's done processing, Corey should take the cube out of the machine. Then Skylar passes out. After a few hours, Corey suspects that the machine is finished and attempts to remove the cube. He finds it locked in there pretty solid, and goes to get Russell to help. Russell arrives and begins tugging at the cube(which burns his hands), and attempting to rip it from the machine holding it. The cube seems to be struggling to hold onto the building, however. Russell will not take no for an answer though, and continues to pull and rip until he has the cube completely free.

This seems to have caused some reaction though, as a computer screen with a DOS prompt has appeared on the building wall. Russell gets Corey to try to mess with it. And Corey begins typing and attempting to figure out the many pathways and subdirectories in this strange magical computer. As he does so, he begins getting attacked by dog-sized metal spiders (the kind that took Isaac away), while Russell defends him.

It seems like typing this out might... be too impossible. I'll attempt to bullet point it.

  • Russell fights off spiders, but is slowly losing.
  • Corey hacks into off-limits part of this program. It asks for his identification and a hand/eye scanner appears.
  • He scans himself and the computer reads it as Ninhursag. This turns the computer into a 3D interface.
  • There is a warning that continuing further will damage the "wall between." Corey ignores it.
  • Corey continues and several spider/human abominations enter the room and also begin taking Russell down.
  • Seif finally arrives to also protect Corey (but he is still diseased, and not doing well).
  • Corey finds an area that lets you add/delete characters... he isn't sure what this is, but takes a guess and tries to add Benny, the comrade they lost (actually Alan Lord, associate of Michael Chambers the terrorist, in disguise).
  • The computer asks if he has Marduk's permission. Then it asks him to enter Poseidon's password to do this.
  • He says yes to both, and has another retinal scan that burns out his eyes.
  • The last thing they see before the the spiders knock them all unconscious is a update on the PC that says Hades will be contacted for permission and that the Quadumvirate will be notified.