Thursday, July 3, 2014

Game Recap: 4th week of June

Sunday, 4pm to 12am

This game has run since 2009 and started in real time. It is now the year 2016 in game.


Sowiljr: King of the Norse gods, one of the most beautiful beings in existence.
Folkvardr: General of the armies of Gimli (new, post-Ragnarok Asgard) and Sowiljr's trusted vizier.
Eztli: The Mexica gods' sword, Sowiljr's wife, terrifying giant bat monster that rules the underworld.
Jioni: Queen of Erebus. Constantly torn by her loyalties to her husband, the Greek gods, her own pantheon, and a promise she made to a deceased friend.

Folkvardr and Sowiljr have a long trek across Russia and Europe while they wait for Eztli and Jioni to finish dispatching with the creatures they accidentally let loose in Europe. They discuss solutions to their many Norse-centric problems: They talk about how to fix the World Tree (which currently can't be used to travel between worlds), as well as how to get society running better in both Gimli and New Iceland, but come up with no firm plans. In Iceland they bless the people with moose for both hunting and livestock. Sowiljr creates a new giant to be in charge, teaching the people about wilderness, tracking and hunting. He makes her a wolf-giant... and Cuacitlali is not pleased. They also find two changelings amongst the people. They take the little creatures up to Gimli and make them work for their survival (it's not as bad as it sounds, they are kind of little elven shits). Jioni sees that Niflheim is attempting to invade the realm again. Jioni, Sowiljr and Eztli rush off to close the new portal and stave off the armies of Niflheim while Folkvardr attempts, once again, to make it to his fate-moot.

Folkvardr travels back down to Midgard and across the planet to Cleveland, Ohio. Here, in a destroyed city full of zombies, three days late for the start of the gathering, he finds a massive hurricane of divine and fateful energy. As he heads inside, his own horrible luck (and fate itself, which has never been kind to him) locks him out. He struggles to get back in and eventually succeeds. Inside, explosions of energy, the present, the future, the power of the gods and ancient forces of the universe themselves swirl around him... and he sees that he is already here. His doppleganger turns to him and secretly lets him know that it was only Stribog pretending to be him (Folkvardr had already assumed this... Stribog isn't as subtle as he thinks he is). It seemed that every fate-weaver, one from each pantheon, had gathered, just as Folkvardr and Manannan had planned, and now finally they began the ceremony to try to fix the torn fabric of destiny. At great risk to themselves, they all worked through the rituals and the game ended with all of them failing the ritual yet again. And preparing to try once more.

Wednesday: 7pm - 12am

This game takes place in the mid 1800s. The year is currently 1854.


Hao: A mystic healer from the far East who believes in maximum familial loyalty.
Lionel: An American cotton plantation owner. He has acquired many land holdings across the world in his travels.
Mohini: A temple dancer (devadasi) from India. She travels the world enjoying life, but missing her husband.
Padma: A British aristocrat stolen away as part of a farcical marriage. She tries to temper her husban's wild side.
Shadan: Prodigal son of the Shah of Iran. A gambler, drunk, and lover of all intoxicates; his marriage keeps him grounded.

The moon transports the group to America for the first time since the first day of their travels. Here in Seneca Falls, New York, they need to prepare for a big event in two weeks, but they aren't sure what that event is. But they are in America for the day, so they figure they'll tool around. They find some interesting stuff: a tannery run by hydro-electric power far beyond current technology, and a dam farther upriver being built for more hydro-electric power for the town. Mohini is confused by what an "Indian graveyard", as the locals call it, might contain so far from home, so she splits off from the group to visit it, and attempts to pay her respects to what she assumes must be kinsmen very far from home. They make it to the local inn and they decide to have a flair for the dramatic, so they arrive at midnight, with sunlight powers a-blazing, and introduced Mohini as an angel (she keeps trying to correct people that she isn't one, but they don't listen). They get free room and board, obviously, but also cause a riot that gets the innkeeper killed. The next day, Lionel decides to take over the establishment and start peddling liquor out in the street. Some South Carolinians with a mind towards prohibition get in an argument with him about this... which, given Lionel's attitude, doesn't go too well for them.

And then they are all whisked back to Japan at moonrise. Aware that there are werewolves and moon-sick people about, they harvest wolfsbane once again and began preparing it in the house of their local "friend", a farmer outside of Kyoto who is not at all pleased by what he believes is the constant invasion of yokai into his home, led by Shadan, clearly a dangerous demon prankster. They set up in his kitchen, brewing a wolfsbane tea to cure those afflicted with lycanthropy, when Padma catches an actual yokai spying on them. They rush out to fight it... and it ends poorly. Padma is on her deathbed again and both Lionel and Shadan are worse for the wear. Mohini is making some badass tea though.

Side note about the yokai: Shadan often arrives as this guy's farm in full fertility-power form, with green skin, crazy eyes and inconsistent lies. Since the first visit, the farmer has said that Shadan is a yokai here to attack him. Everyone thought the farmer was crazy, but apparently there really was a yokai with greenish skin who was harassing him, even when Shadan wasnt around.

Saturday: 10am - 3pm

Corey: A young Fox News intern. He's done the loaves and fishes bit a few times and people think he's Jesus. Also he grows weed in his basement.
Russell: An ex-UFC fighter who is a member of the elite super-hero group Containment Prime. He is also a drunk.
Seif: An Iraqi insurgent who has become trapped in the city. He has his young daughter with him at all times.
Skylar: An autistic teenage super-genius. He doesn't understand people, but is somehow also a member of Containment Prime.
Valentina: An international art thief who is hanging with the group for the meantime for protection.

The epic making of the anti-zombie-virus continues on the twentieth floor of the Empire State Building. While Skylar struggles to complete his complex bio-engineering, the rest of the team fights off neverending threats to their safety in the building. This time, those threats come in the form of massive frogs made of rotten corpses (they've dealt with these before, but it never gets easier). The onslaught seems to be never-ending, and many in the group ended up with horrible diseases from contact with the rotten flesh and human excrement.

A great deal of Skylar's work hinges on the group having access to three sources of power: animal energy, healing energy, and plant energy. However, Corey's recent run-in with his suspect new divine patron has left him without access to the fertility powers he could once wield. So that has thrown a giant wrench in their plans... one which must be solved next time.

Also... Russell didnt get kitty litter and kibble as promised. There are hundreds of angry cats shitting all over the newly cleaned Empire State Building. He has no one to blame but himself.