Thursday, July 24, 2014

Game Recap: 3rd week of July

Mat had an emergency this week, so no Sunday game, and summer trips for players will eat the next two Sundays and next Wednesday. Sad times, but gives us more time to work, so maybe a blessing in disguise. Also, writing character intros anew this week, so dont skip them just because!

Wednesday: 7pm - 12am
This game takes place in the 1850s. The characters exist in a pre-steampunk type world.

Mohini: A devadasi from India. She finds joy almost everywhere in life and revels in teaching her friend Padma how to be a married woman.
Padma: An upper-class British woman, Padma left home as part of a sham marriage to Shadan, but she now has a real marriage to Shadan and is pregnant with his children.
Shadan: A young Persian prince, Shadan has sworn to Vishnu that he will protect his new wife no matter what... also, he is hiding from his entire family, both mortal and divine.
Lionel: An incredibly racist plantation owner, Lionel slowly collects holdings and addictions from all over the world.

We last left the group in Japan. They continue to figure out a solution to the werewolf/moon-sickness problem. While Mohini and Lionel administer the wolfsbane tea to the son of the last werewolf they murdered, Shadan and Padma go off to attempt to learn curative rituals from the local Shinto shrine. Both groups are met with frustration. Mohini finds that this young man has trouble keeping down his tea and complains that it is poison, while his sister and mother are having severe menstrual problems (the moon is whacking out their stuff... it was very gross and I won't go into it).

At the shrine, Shadan impersonated a local and found out that the priests were fairly corrupt and could be bought. Shadan wanted to double-check his suspicions, however, and waited til they left, and found a great deal of money hidden away in the temple. He took it and also learned that they worked for a local samurai clan that had been extorting (but also protecting) the farmers.

They meet up back at the farm house. The women get together to make dinner and try to heal and tend to the sick family. The men march off to confront the leaders of the samurai clan. However, on the way they run into some kappa, malevolent river demons. Shadan is disguised as the head priest, and they seem to obey him and even bring him gifts. However, he overhears that they plan to assault some women this evening and he decides to enslave them by having a bowing contest (it's a real thing, read about them and their amazing level of ridiculousness). The kappa are amazing bowers, and although Shadan is able to defeat the first one, he doesn't think he can continue with that amount of skill and luck. So instead, they fight the kappa. Lionel gets some nearby soldiers to help, which is incredibly lucky because the soldiers have to take the final kappa out while Shadan saves Lionel from bleeding to death. But it's getting late... and they want to get back before the moon rises.

They have dinner with the ladies and then use Shadan's and Mohini's power over the moon to transport themselves all to Paris. They have to get ready for the MOST AMAZING PLAY!

Seriously, check out kappa.

Saturday: 10am - 3pm
This group lives in post-apocalyptic NYC after a zombie outbreak they were unable to stop. The plagues of Egypt follow them around and wreck the city on a daily basis, while the group is aware that something about reality "isn't quite right."

Russel: A punch-drunk brawler who was a member of the first ever meta-human government superhero team. He now works for Valentina as her bodyguard.
Corey: A NYC high-class drug dealer who turned his back on his pantheon and began worship of the "one true god" in order to save his friends.
Seif: An Iraqi insurgent who travelled to America with his daughter, and who is constantly confused about American laws and customs.
Valentina: A high-class diamond thief. In order to get a brief break from the plagues, she claimed the title of Pharaoh. She now has an army of cats that attend her.
Skylar: Boy genius who has real trouble connecting with people. He has spent the past few months engineering the zombie cure.

Its been five days since this game, and I still have trouble figuring out exactly what the motivations of all the actions were. So if some stuff seems confusing... that is because it is.

The group is in a military Jeep headed toward the zombie nation to see if the anti-zombie virus worked. Along the way they are assaulted by the plagues of Egypt. They fight a massive frog in the East River, avoid locusts and plagues, and survive giant animals and rains of fire. Then Skylar figures out that they're being tracked through their car somehow. He opens up the dashboard and starts messing with rewiring it as they drive. As they finally get close to previous location of the zombie nation, he disconnects their tracking and reverses the signal so he can track whoever is spying on them instead. He realizes that the signal isn't coming from this plane of existence and he must know more. But when he tries to find anything else out, the power on the car drains out. He needs something more potent... and then we're back to using the cube again.

Valentina sees what is going on and flees.

Corey has a sudden realization that the plagues have gotten worse because of his praying and empowering of "the one god."
Seif goes to check out zombietown and finds all the zombies dead, Thanatos gone, and thousands of humans clinging to life and trying to escape. He also sees a horde of locusts in the shape of Russel's twenty-foot-tall father, now slowly devouring the people and using bits of their flesh to build his body back. Seif runs back to tell everyone.

Russel prepares to fight spiders because he doesn't know much about computers but he knows they're coming.

Seif arrives, and gets Corey out of the spider fight and into a car with Valentina. Skylar hacks into a mainframe but is being too attacked by spiders to continue. Russell fights the spiders.

Having no other option besides being taken away by spiders, Skylar pushes the gas and drives the car into the strange portal through which the spiders came, which disappears after him.

The others aren't sure what to do, but Seif wants to check out the old army base with the giant nuclear reactor that talks in menacing whispers to him. (No, they dont go save all the people being eaten alive by locusts... I'm really not sure why.)

They arrive at the military base. Everyone is dead but the core and the base are still running. Valentina and Russel collect clothes and weapons while Seif explores the core. It talks to him and welcomes him while sucking his energy from him, and then sucking his flesh from him. He learns that it is his uncle Nergal, who is trapped and needs energy to free himself. Nergal thanks Seif for the energy he did give him though, because it allowed him to re-raise his zombie army that he had lost control of. Corpses all over the army base start rising as zombies. Valentina and Russel start flipping out, but Seif doesn't tell them why it's happening. He just shows up near the door, half-fleshed and tells them not to come in. They attempt to save him, but he pushes them away and begins praying to his father. He tells Nergal that his people are protectors of humanity and wouldn't be this destructive. Nergal tells him some stories of his favorite days, when the Anunna killed all the people. Seif is not happy about this. Nergal also explains that because Skylar is messing with the rift between worlds, his prayers are ineffective. And also Nergal is certain Ninurta would join him in the destruction anyway. Nergal swears he needs more energy, and says Seif will either go bring him that woman (meaning Valentina) to consume, or someone else, but he will demand that he come back with flesh soon.

Russel has dragged Valentina away against her wishes, but he needed to save his pharaoh. Seif follows slowly behind.

Skylar heads into a world of spider-weapons, data, and electronics. He searches through many areas and many paths and comes to a place marked for Greek people where he finds an attractive young gentleman guarding a door. The man says Skylar is very brave and curious and that's good, but he has to be careful because Zeus' wrath is powerful. He also tells him that Arachne is on her way to kill him so he needs to escape. And this guy has the only way out, as long as Skylar pledges himself to Morpheus. Morpheus steals a bit of Skylar's soul and sends him back through to Russel. Skylar is changed... different, but alive. As is everyone... for now.