Friday, July 11, 2014

Art Sneak Preview: Norse Lineart Day

It's art day! We've done some big posts of lineart for the first two pantheons that it was ready for, but now that we've caught up to all the painstaking work the artists have been doing, we don't have quite as steady a supply of those as we did before. However, we still want to show something off, so to that end, we have just a few of the Norse gods ready to be viewed in their lineart stage before shading and filling occurs.

Here we have Freya, who is going to kick some valkyrie-destined ass; her brother Freyr, who is a big goof without his sword but okay with it because he did it for love; Hod, the far-traveling blind warrior destined for terrible things; and Loki, up to his usual shenanigans. We're loving the individual personality they're all rocking - they look like they could whip off some beatdowns at the blink of an eye, but be awesome to hit a bar with at any other moment.

The rest of the Norse gods, especially the ones added by later pledges (except for Hod, because apparently the artists fell in immediate love with him!), are still being worked on, but we'll have them for you in the future. Until then!