Saturday, June 21, 2014

Heroes on Parade

Hello, everyone, and happy free RPG day! Hero's Journey isn't quite far enough along for us to have playable goodies to pass out, but check out your local game stores and other gaming companies for awesomeness anyway!

We'd hate to miss out on all the fun, though, so in the spirit of the day, here are some free computer wallpapers for everyone to enjoy, featuring art by the talented Jon Neimeister! (And everyone give Royce Piels, our graphic layout artist, a round of applause for putting them together for us, too!)

Please note that these are not the same wallpapers you'll be getting as a reward if you happened to back the Kickstarter, just some extra art love from our awesome team. These are just some good old 1600x1200 sizes for maximum probable usage by all you fine folks, but I have heard rumors that other sizes will be available soon.

Get out there and play some games today!