Thursday, June 5, 2014

Game Recaps!

It's game recap time! This week the 1850s group was not in session.

Sunday, 4pm to 12am

This game has run since 2009 and started in real time. It is now the year 2016 in game.


Sowiljr: King of the Norse gods, one of the most beautiful beings in existence.
Folkvardr: General of the armies of Gimli (new, post-Ragnarok Asgard) and Sowiljr's trusted vizier.
Eztli: The Mexica gods' sword, Sowiljr's wife, terrifying giant bat monster that rules the underworld.
Jioni: Queen of Erebus. Constantly torn by her loyalties to her husband, the Greek gods, her own pantheon, and a promise she made to a deceased friend.

Jioni spent most of the game at her home in Solheim, resting because her body (both of them) was almost completely trashed from combat against the darkness a few sessions ago. Folkvardr lets everyone know that Itztlacoliuhqui is trapped in the deepest part of the realm of darkness, contrary to their belief that he was home and well with the rest of his pantheon. Sowiljr wants to consult the Teotl, but Eztli demands they charge in immediately, and he is forced to wipe her memory of recent events so that he can proceed with caution. Eztli, now unaware that anything is happening, realizes that she is not pregnant and demands Sowiljr has some sex; he convinces her that she must watch over the children while he consults Xipe Totec, and there will be sex when he returns. Eztli watches over the children during their lessons while Sowiljr heads to Xipe Totec's and Folkvardr goes to talk to Shiva.

Sowijr visits Xipe Totec:
As he climbs the Templo Mayor, Sowiljr runs into Itztlacoliuhqui. He knows that this man is now an imposter (or so he thinks) and attempts to avoid him. Itztlacoliuhqui tries to convince Sowiljr not to bother Xipe Totec and to head home, but to no avail. Sowiljr arrives at the top of the pyramid and has a long chat with Xipe Totec. Xipe Totec had believed that the mysteriously missing Tezcatlipoca was messing things up for a while now, but he's been dealing with the false Itztlacoliuhqui for months now. Neither is sure who or what to believe. Xipe Totec says he has to get in touch with Quetzalcoatl before moving forward.

Folkvardr visits Shiva:
The backstory here is that a week ago, Folkvardr was helping get all the fateweavers together for a meeting to discuss what to do about the currently damaged nature of fate. He stopped at Ganesha's place, but Ganesha said that he'd need Folkvardr to get Shiva's permission for Ganesha to leave. So one-armed, feeble Folkvardr climbed the difficult and painful mountain to Shiva's cave, where Shiva was having sex with his wife Parvati. Folkvardr waited patiently and averted his senses so as to not see or hear anything, but then tragedy struck as Jioni and Eztli got into a fight to the death with the monstrous Apep. Folkvardr sacrificed and prayed to Quetzacoatl to help Eztli, and Quetzlacoatl responded by coming to check with Folkvardr first... but Quetzacoatl was also with Susano-o, who he had been teaching how to rule. Susano-o didnt have the self control to not stare at Shiva and Parvati, and Parvarti noticed the Japanese god staring at her. She was kind to not tell Shiva at the moment, but Sowiljr was warned that if Folkvardr didn't apologize on his own soon, Shiva would be told of the indiscretion.

So, that brings us to Folkvardr climing this impossible mountain once again, and waiting for Shiva and Parvati to finish, before apologizing for bringing Susano-o and giving himself up to Shiva for punishment. But luckily, long ago, Folkvardr and his much younger group of companions had helped Shiva with an important task, and instead of being upset, Shiva was glad to see Folkvardr and wanted to catch up (he had a punishment planned for Susano-o instead). Folkvardr caught Shiva up on many of the goings on of the world and explained why Susano-o was ruling Japan. Shiva wasn't going to stand for this, but the last person to see Amaterasu was Vala, whose last remaining bit of life force resided inside of Folkvardr. Shiva informed Folkvardr that Ganesha left for the meeting a few days ago and that he didn't need to ask his permission to go ("I think my son was having some fun at your expense..."), and that he was going to find a way to bring back Amaterasu, but he would need Folkvardr's cooperation. Of course, Folkvardr agreed. Shiva opened his third eye, and with amazingly careful precision burned out the part of Folkvardr's flesh and soul that led to the tiny bit of Vala still residing within him. It took the form of a small crystal that Shiva picked up and left with. Folkvardr then headed back down the horrible mountain and headed towards Russia, where he was to meet with Svantovit to invite him to the fate meeting.

Sowiljr heads back to Solheim and turns off his sexual organs (there is too much chaos for him to want another child at the moment, especially after losing the last two when Eztli miscarried due to being forced to go to Tartarus), so that he can give in to Eztli. They copulate for a long long time, until Eztli is satisfied that she is pregnant (she isn't, but has lost most of her powers over the human body). Sowiljr decides to go check in on the Vanir.

Folkvardr visits the Bogovi:
Folkvardr gets to Russia and finds his way into their overworld. There is a massive oak tree that he must climb... but he realizes he is far too weak. He waits around for a while until Radegast sees him. Radegast has been searching the earth for months looking for the omphalus stones the group has hidden after taking them from their primordial realms, and now that he has Folkvardr all alone, he plans to get him to tell him where they are, one way or another. Folkvardr prepares for this and after a struggle with his love of knowledge, locks all that information away, deep inside his mind, causing himself to forget everything before he can give up the secret. This leads to a VERY frustrated Radegast, who knows Folkvardr used to know where they are, but now doesn't seem to even know what an omphalus stone is. (Here's a snippet of video from that conversation.) The end result was an incredibly frustrated Radegast who made many threats on Folkvardr's life should he find out later that he was lying. Folkvardr also learns that Manannan mac Lir was here looking for Svantovit a few days ago, so apparently all the fate-weavers have found out about the meeting and it's time to figure out when and where it is. Folkvardr has to go find Manannan mac Lir again... maybe he is in the Underworld?

Sowiljr goes to Alfheim:
There is too much going on with the Vanir to explain here, so I'll try to sum up. There are four living Vanir: Sverir, Nanna, Freyr, and a young God-Touched name Wolf (who once traveled with Aurora). Because of a curse that Sowiljr kinda caused, they cant leave Alfheim, and they also think that they were never conquered by the Aesir because thousands of years in the past Marduk warned them and they were able to get the Vanir-Norse war to a standstill. They know who Sowiljr is, but think the rest of the Aesir are still alive, and get confused/enraged when you try to prove any of these things untrue. Also, even though Sverir was the rightful king, they now rule by council and think it has always been that way.

So Sowiljr arrives and talks to them, and gets continually frustrated by their lack of memories or confused memories. He has experienced events with them before that they either don't remember or now remember differently, which makes them hard to talk to. They also treat Wolf like a slave and seem to think he is alfar instead of one of them. Sowiljr takes pity on Wolf and leaves the Vanir palace to spend the night with Wolf at his tiny elf house many miles away. I believe once or twice the phrase "they are too stupid to live" was bandied about when Sowiljr was alone with his thoughts. Sowiljr tries to help the Vanir with some things, but is constantly met with frustration (they don't want to be like Aesir? HOW DARE THEY!). He remembers several of the kings at the kingsmoot told him he would need to subjugate the Vanir in order to fight off Ymir as he promised the other kings he would, and this weighs heavy on his heart as he eventually leaves and returns to Solheim.

Saturday: 10am - 3pm


Corey: A young Fox News intern. He's done the loaves and fishes bit a few times and people think he's Jesus. Also he grows weed in his basement.
Russell: An ex-UFC fighter who is a member of the elite super-hero group Containment Prime. He is also a drunk.
Seif: An Iraqi insurgent who has become trapped in the city. He has his young daughter with him at all times.
Skylar: An autistic teenage super-genius. He doesn't understand people, but is somehow also a member of Containment Prime.
Valentina: An international art thief who is hanging with the group for the meantime for protection.

The group has captured the essence of the final creature they need in order to concoct the cure to the zombie plague. However, during an embarrasment-fueled rage, Corey murdered several cancer-stricken children. His friends are upset with him (understandably), and he is fraught with guilt and sadness. Seif convinces him that they need him too much to let him turn himself into the police yet. Instead Corey goes to his cult at the makeshift hospital by the shore and explains the horrors he has done. They tell him that they're certain it was necessary and they still love and praise him, and please would he protect them from the plagues of Egypt that God has wrought on the land. Everyone stops... thinks about the plagues, but then decides that the humans are being stupid again.

Then, in the distance, Seif hears the buzzing of thousands of locusts. Corey and Russell remember that when they dealt with Russell's dad when he had become a zombie, he spit out quickly multiplying locusts and they weren't able to stop them from getting out into the city. They realize they hadn't mentioned that to anyone. They thought about the other plagues and were certain that they weren't happening. Then Queens, the only part of the city that had had light and power, went dark again.

The time for action is now! And by action, they mean going back to St. Jude's Research Hospital and using the equipment to create the cure. They speed off in blind hope that curing the zombies will fight back the darkness. But they are still convinced that there are no Egyptian plagues going on. Russell and Seif clean the thousands of dead, rotting bodies out of the building and give the whole place an excellent antibiotic cleaning. While they're doing that, some zombies walk through the parking lot. Valentina quietly creeps the car around back so the zombies dont see them. The zombies seem to argue about where the car went, get frustrated after a bit and walk away.

Everyone goes inside the newly cleaned hospital and rests as Skylar works. Russell is unable to contain his addiction anymore and starts chugging rubbing alcohol to get a buzz. Seif patrols the halls and grounds while Skylar starts building the incubator that will hold the cure. Seif sees another group of zombies. They seem to walk around the building, and their mouths move as they point at things. They dont come into the building, so he doesn't murder them.

The next day, off in the distance Skylar hears a very strange sound. A spirit is approaching the building. Skylar wasnt sure about the plagues... but he was leaning towards the humans being right, since there had been a few too many coincidences. Which meant that this might be the final plague, an angel of death to kill all the firstborn. Everyone springs into action. Valentina takes Seif's daughter Farrah and gets in the van, speeding off as quickly as possible. Valentina must get her somewhere safe and knows there is a magical barrier around the city, which just might keep the angel in. She races out of the city and jumps over the river. Before she hits the barrier, something from the deeps of the river shoots bubbles from the water to knock her car out of the air, but with amazing driving prowess she bounces across the tops of the bubbles and bowls through the barrier, landing safely in a bright, happy, and sunny Jersey. She gets Farrah some ice cream and texts Seif that they are safe.

Corey rides off on his fox, Dahlia. Dahlia explains that there is no way that Corey (firstborn himself) will survive without help. There are two very powerful people in the city, and he needs to take a side and beg for help. To the north is the priest that Seif kidnapped, and to the south is the zombie king. Corey isn't excited about making a choice, but eventually chooses the priest. He rides Dahlia to the Bronx, where the hospital they found the priest at was located, but now there stands a hundred-foot-tall cathedral of glowing light. Humans walk outside and worship while angels with firey swords gauard the gates and fly above. Corey begs his way in and finds the priest, now shining with bright light, hovering above a massive golden throne where the altar should be. He begs and pleads for help and eventually agrees to become God's champion here on earth. Meathooks descend down from the ceiling and stab into Corey, hoisting him high into the air. He is barely able to keep conscious as he swears an oath to the priest's God. He loses consciousness as his body is wrenched apart as the hooks drag him higher and higher. He knew this was a horrible decision, but it was the only way he could save himself and his friends from death.

Back at the hospital, Skylar explains that the Angel won't hurt him since he has an older brother, and that he needs to finish working. So if Seif and Russell are going to stay here, they need to go to the roof and deal with it. They rush to the roof and against all odds, working as a clockwork duo of fists and hammers, healing energy and lightning, they're able to bring down the angel and banish it back to where it came from. Seif ended exhausted but in fine condition, but Russell, who was the firstborn of his father and therefore got more unfriendly attention, took considerable damage. Barely able to stand, Seif helped his body down stairs. Russell's body was mostly bones at this point, bits of flesh hanging off tendons. But they had done it, and they were both filled with pride.

So that was intense! Next week we have these two groups again. See ya then. :)