Thursday, June 12, 2014

Game Recap: First week of June

Summer, playtesting, and schedules can make consistent gaming a nightmare. This week we have only the Saturday NYC game. But they do have some adventures!

Saturday: 10am - 3pm


Corey: A young Fox News intern. He's done the loaves and fishes bit a few times and people think he's Jesus. Also he grows weed in his basement.
Russell: An ex-UFC fighter who is a member of the elite super-hero group Containment Prime. He is also a drunk.
Seif: An Iraqi insurgent who has become trapped in the city. He has his young daughter with him at all times.
Skylar: An autistic teenage super-genius. He doesn't understand people, but is somehow also a member of Containment Prime.
Valentina: An international art thief who is hanging with the group for the meantime for protection.

Corey wakes up in the darkness in the Bronx. He has painful scars where the massive meathooks tore into the flesh of his back. One of the gifts from his mother, the divine Ninhursag, is missing, as is his ability to control plants. In their place is a new golden sword, powers of light, and a strong need to do the bidding of the one true god... whoever that is. He returns to the hospital to find that his sacrifice wasn't needed, that Valentina and Farrah escaped on their own and Seif and Russel defeated the spirit of death without him. He feels understandably bad about this. Skylar continues working, Corey tends Russell's wounds, and Seif watches for zombies.

Valentina is in New Jersey with Farrah. She steals a lot of money, goes on shopping sprees, gets ice cream, and sets Farrah up in a nice prepaid apartment. She then, against her own better judgement, arms herself with as many supplies as she can, gets back in her broken-down van, and drives back into the darkness.

The next day, Seif hears the spirit of death in the distance again. Is it the same one? Is it a new one? They have no idea what they're going to do, and are not recovered from the last bout yet. Corey wanders out, sword in hand, and calls the spirit down to speak with him. Russell is terrified and starts to run as Valentina drives up, and she also wants to run (she just escaped this, what are they doing?!). Russell gets into the van and they burn rubber to head of, after being unable to convince Corey and Seif to go with them. Being near the spirit is slowly melting Russel's newly-healed flesh off, so escape is pretty necessary. Corey explains to the spirit that he is also a servant of the same god, and has been given the important task of slaying all the zombies. He begs the spirit to let his friends live, at least until the zombie problem is handled, as it is what their master wishes. The spirit agrees and heads off to slay other firstborn in the city, but warns him that it will destroy them if it is called up again.

Russell comes back and there are some arguments about gods and religious loyalty and all that sort of stuff. They can't agree on what to do or how bad the situation is, so instead they decide to go kill lots of zombies.

Then they find some, and Corey remembers that he can hear the dead, so he listens in on what they're saying. It seems the zombies are fairly conscious and coherent. They're collecting dead bodies from abandoned buildings and stacking them in carts. Corey goes to talk to them... and they seem like normal dudes. They say they've been looking all over for Corey because their king wants to meet him and his friends. Corey relays this information, and convinces everyone that they should (very reluctantly) go talk to this king.

They slowly follow the zombies, who walk and pull their cart of the dead through pitch-black Manhattan. Then they come to the massive walls that apparently line the border of the sentient zombie enclave. The massive doors open, and they head into lower Manhattan, now some sort of zombie kingdom. Thousands of zombies go about life here. They pass a body depository where it seems the zombies go for sustenance, and eventually make their way to the beach where they first saw the door to Hades open so many weeks ago. Here, instead, stands a small building made of Greek columns. They head inside, not knowing what to expect, and see light for the first time in a while. Torches line the walls and an attractive Greek man sits on a gold and marble throne.

He explains that he is Thanatos, and that he found this little stretch of land and claimed as his kingdom here on earth. He inquires if any of the group has claimed other parts of the island as their kingdom. He offers them tasty wine (which Russell drank many glasses of, since he was tired of drinking rubbing alcohol to sate his addiction) and exchanged pleasantries and stories of the his recent time on earth. He assured them that he had nothing to do with the darkness, but he hoped they were enjoying this game as much as he was. He also seemed impressed that Russell was handling his "water of the Lethe" so well (oops).

Eventually the conversation wound down, and Thanatos asked them to keep in touch. Everyone was leaving, Corey was heading out last, but instead stopped, closed the doors behind everyone and stayed inside with Thanatos to ask one last question.

But what is the question? I don't know, and we won't know this week either because Tom is missing game. But what is it?!