Thursday, June 26, 2014

Game Recap: 3rd week of June

Sunday, 4pm to 12am

This game has run since 2009 and started in real time. It is now the year 2016 in game.


Sowiljr: King of the Norse gods, one of the most beautiful beings in existence.
Folkvardr: General of the armies of Gimli (new, post-Ragnarok Asgard) and Sowiljr's trusted vizier.
Eztli: The Mexica gods' sword, Sowiljr's wife, terrifying giant bat monster that rules the underworld.
Jioni: Queen of Erebus. Constantly torn by her loyalties to her husband, the Greek gods, her own pantheon, and a promise she made to a deceased friend.

Folkvardr continues his boat ride with Stribog to the mage meeting, when suddenly, like a rocket, a massive monstrous llama falls from the sky at them. Folkvardr assumes this must mean that things in the realm of destiny are going splendidly Folkvardr and Stribog abandon the soon-to-be-destroyed boat and begin running to get to the meeting, until Stribog convinces Folkvardr that arriving to the meeting with badass horses would be way better than running. So they go to get the most badass horses they know of... Svarozhich's, naturally. Of course, Stribog is persona non grata among the Slavic god right now and now allowed up their world tree due to past transgressions, but they go anyway. As they climb the great oak, they immediately draw the attention of Radegast, Stribog's arch-enemy who has also been trying to catch Folkvardr lying. Folkvardr attempts to hide away information on the Omphalus' again in the depths of his own mind, but triggers a mental crisis that completely shuts him down. While he lies there, debating the merits and flaws of everything, Radegast and Stribog fight until Stribog flees, then escapes with Svarozhich's horse. Radegast chases him while Folkvardr lies there confused and thinking. Eventually the divine "police" arrive and take him to their prisons, where he waits for Sowiljr.

Sowiljr, Eztli, and Jioni, meanwhile, head deeper into the primordial realm of beasts. They're moving fast as Jioni teleports them to the center as quickly as possible. Every few seconds, the beast inside Eztli struggles to get out. It tears her body apart from the inside and uses that energy to release powerful beasts upon the earth (possibly llamas? no one is quite sure). As they're running out of energy, time, and will, but almost at their goal, they appear near a large flock of enormous predatory raptors, magical avians interbred with horrible poisonous creatures. Eztli wants to run no longer, and begins barbecuing them with fire and lightning, but there are just too many (and Eztli's lightning is also barbecuing Sowiljr and Jioni). A horrible bloodbath ensues that has each member of the team at death's door. Folkvardr, still mentally damaged, is unable to come to their aid and can only watch, horrified, from afar. Jioni is falling out of the sky, her compatriots unconscious or dying above her, and she sacrifices most of her life-force to bring Eztli back to consciousness. Eztli eats the burning heart of one of the birds and erupts into her full war form, decimating the creatures.

From there, Jioni teleports them to the omphalos stone. It lies amongst the massive coils of Echidna's snakey body. Echidna begins to unwind her coils as the heroes try to catch the omphalos and escape. For some reason, they were not expecting the stone to be a sentient beast/rock... but they catch it and escape before Echidna unwinds (or manages to trap Sowiljr for evil procreative purposes).

They get back to the ruins of Rome, heading to the place they store the omphalos stones. Eztli drags it in and puts it with the others, while otuside Jioni and Sowiljr realize that Europe is covered in half-dog/half-mallard beasts that they probably brought with them out of the beast realm. A wind spirit arrives to let Sowiljr know that he has to come to the Thrice Tenth kingdom to get his vizier out of jail, which also tells Sowiljr that his vizier isn't at the very important meeting he is supposed to be at. Sowiljr leaves, putting Jioni in charge of bringing Cuacitlali all across Europe and directing her as to what living things to eat (spoiler alert: it's all of them).

Sowiljr ascends the great oak, arriving for the first time without a magical escort to take him instantly to the top, so this time he must pass through Baba Yaga's hut. Baba Yaga invites him in for soup and asks him to clean her house. He struggles with not asking her questions and figuring out how to get past her without actually doing anything she asks. He leaves some servants in charge of cleaning her house and she vows she will see him again soon.

He rushes to get Folkvardr out of prison. Folkvardr's punishment, instead of 100 years in prison, is one spin on the wheel of justice. This was chosen by Svarozhich as a courtesy to Sowiljr, and Svarozhich is off at war with the forces of a rival sun god at the time and can't come perform judgment at the moment. In the meantime, sowiljr and Folkvardr take in an enchanting opera based on the great deeds of Sowiljr, a brand new piece that Pizamar recently finished. Although it contains some embellishment, it is amazing and Sowiljr and Folkvardr enjoy all 28 hours of it before Svarozhich arrives. They exchange pleasantries and head into the Hall of Justice to spin the wheel. Folkvardr spins "judge's choice", and Svarozhich decides to have him build the chariot he promised him a year ago, but never delivered on.

Other things that happened:

Sowiljr churned the primordial sea of Tiamat and found half of the destroyed crown of Enki. He has taken it as his own and now searches for the other half.

Lots of angry magical beasts and strangely-shaped creatures are all over the earth.

Omphalos stone of beasts aquired! They have only, like... 6 left!