Friday, June 27, 2014

Art Sneak Preview: The World of Hero's Journey

Hey, there, folks! You've been seeing a lot from the Braithwaites lately, who are working on god portraits and are doing a damn fine job of it, but what about the rest of the art team? Today we figured we'd showcase another of the incredibly talented people working on Hero's Journey: Julian Lancaster, a digital artist with a flair for the expressive.

First of all, what we have here are some awesome paintings of life in the modern world of Hero's Journey, where worship of various polytheistic gods is commonplace and popular:

On the upper left we have Cairo, watched over by monumental sculptures; on the upper right, New York City's massive Temple of Zeus Americanos; on the lower left, London, with a huge Hindu temple sharing the skyline with Big Ben and the Eye; and on the lower right is a temple to Thor in rural South Carolina, with worshipers visiting after a long day on the farm. We love Julian's style for these - they really help give a sense of the world better than words could!

You'll notice that these are small, composited and watermarked, and that's on purpose - these are the exclusive wallpapers that those folks who backed the Kickstarter will be getting, in all their giant-size, high-quality glory. Don't worry if you're one of the people who wasn't able to jump in for fundraising, though - these will also be in the Hero's Journey core rulebook, so they won't be gone from sight forever!

Other art pieces of Julian's will also be appearing in the book, and while we can't show them all off, here's a teaser of something else he's been working on for us:

Which creature is most imposing? You decide, they all terrify us.

Those who want to visit Julian's gallery or contact him and tell him how fantastic he is can do so at his DeviantArt page. He certainly deserves it!