Friday, June 6, 2014

Art Sneak Preview: Greek Lineart Day

Time to show off some artwork, and today we have an awesome selection! You've all gotten to see some rough sketches from the beginning of our god portraits, and some of the finished products, but today we've got an example of the in-between stage. Before the beautiful painted portraits hit the end of the road, we get them in lineart form, showing all the carefully-outlined details before shading brings them alive.

Behold, twelve of the Greek gods who will be in the core rulebook as divine patrons! Ares and Pan are the only ones not currently represented, since they were the last to be added and are still being worked on at the moment.

While we love the finished images, the lineart is great for really capturing the emotion of the various gods, from Aphrodite's coquettish playfulness to Apollo's handsome thoughtfulness and everything in between. It's hard to choose a favorite from among these - is it Hephaestus, working away at his forge? Dionysus, committing every party foul with a smile on his face? Hera, who is 10000% done with everyone else sharing this image with her?

We can't choose, but you're all free to find your favorite!