Friday, June 13, 2014

Art Sneak Preview: Egyptian Lineart Day

Hey, did you all enjoy the lineart last week? Wanna see some more?

This time, we've got some Egyptians! A couple of these folks you've seen in finished form, a few you've only seen as sketches, and several haven't been released before this at all! Regardless of whether they're new or old, they're all pretty awesome in their in-between artwork state here, just waiting to be shaded up and finalized.

This is only ten of the final thirteen Egyptian gods; Nephthys, Sekhmet and Sobek, as the last three added by awesome people and their awesome pledges, are still being worked on right now, so the wonders of their portraits will have to wait for another day.

We love the ones that are here, though! As a group, they really exude age, dignity and the feel of one of the oldest religions in the world. (Well, except for Hathor, but she's having a good time. You go, Hathor.)