Thursday, May 1, 2014


Hello, everyone, and welcome to Hero's Journey!

Whether you're here because you used to follow us when we did various fan projects for other games, because someone directed you here by word-of-mouth, or because you just happened to wander by, we're glad to see you and excited that you're sharing this new project with us! Here's what we're all about, and what we're going to be doing here.

First of all, I'm Anne, the head writer and creative director for the game, and my other half is John, the lead designer and play-tester for the game. I write a lot of words and weave a lot of flavor; he maths a lot of mechanics and tests a lot of ways to try to bend and break the system to make it better. Together with some amazing artists, administrators and creative designers, we're creating this game as a labor of love. And what we love is mythology, in all its many forms around the world and across history, and the epic tales told in every culture about their religion, history and the origins of their people.

Hero's Journey is a brand-new roleplaying game about ancient myths and modern heroes. It is set in a world of modern marvels and magics from eons gone by, and uses a completely new system designed from the ground up to model the heroes of mythology and their roles in mythic sagas and tales. As one of the God-Touched, a human chosen by a deity to represent them in the world, you'll set out to achieve great things, wield divine power, and perhaps one day rise up from the ranks of mere mortal adventurers to become a deity yourself. Gilgamesh, Heracles, Rama, Beowulf... soon your name will join theirs in the annals of history.

Basically, it's going to be super awesome. We are currently working on the game pretty much full-time and expect it to be out in the next few months. In the meantime, we will be using this blog to keep all of you updated on our progress: what we're working on, teasers and excerpts from things we've done, art previews, and anything else that we think you might like seeing.

This blog is where we're going to do most of our communicating with you guys - and communicating with you is important to us. All game designers want people to be excited about their games, but we also want to hear from all of you; what kinds of things you want to see in games like this, what you think about what you're seeing, what you hope for in the future, and what you like (or don't!) in the present.

On Mondays, we're going to talk about upcoming releases via video blogs. If we're releasing something (which we hope to do often!), it will probably also be on Mondays!

On Tuesdays, we will talk about various topics pertaining to mythology, and answering questions sent in to the blog by all of you. (If you want to send some in, take advantage of the question box on the upper left side of the blog!)

On Wednesdays, Anne will do spotlight blogs on awesome ladies in mythology, gaming experiences or whatever else is apropriate that week.

On Thursdays, we will post videos giving quick recaps of the Hero's Journey games we're running ourselves, recounting their adventures and talking about the story thus far.

On Fridays, we will post previews of sketches and artwork for upcoming game projects.

On Saturdays, we will post a grab-bag - either answering more questions on topics other than mythology, talking about project updates, or any other topics that we might want to address.

No matter what you're here for or how much or little you want to be involved, we're glad to see you and we hope you have a great time. We're looking forward to making a great game, and to doing it along with all of you.

Game on!