Thursday, May 22, 2014

Game Recaps Week 3

It's game recap time! This week the NYC group was not in session.

Sunday, 4pm to 12am

This game has run since 2009 and started in real time. It is now the year 2016 in game.


Sowiljr: King of the Norse gods, one of the most beautiful beings in existence.
Folkvardr: General of the armies of Gimli (new, post-Ragnarok Asgard) and Sowiljr's trusted vizier.
Eztli: The Mexica gods' sword, Sowiljr's wife, terrifying giant bat monster that rules the underworld.
Jioni: Queen of Erebus. Constantly torn by her loyalties to her husband, the Greek gods, her own pantheon, and a promise she made to a deceased friend.

Part 1: Jioni and Folkvardr hang out with Tezcatlipoca:

Folkvardr collects his son, whom Tezcatlipoca has apparently been babysitting (or something) in the ruins of Pyongyang, and invites Tezcat to the Fate-weavers moot he's throwing. Tezcatlipoca explains that he doesnt see any reason to go. Folkvardr pleads with him and eventually comes to an agreement. Folkvardr will get on rebuilding the city, and/or return with a female companion for Tezcat here in Korea. They note that Tezcat is being very weird and depart back to New Iceland to get this baby some clothes and food.

Part 2: Eztli and Sowiljr climbs the steps of the pyramid so that Sowiljr can take one of his tests of faith with Xipe Totec. On the way, they are once again stopped by Quetzacoatl's man-sized quetzal secretary. This is the third of such birds to exist because Eztli's nahualli eats it everytime they visit. There is an exchange and much taunting, but eventually Sowiljr convinces Eztli not to eat the bird. And as she turns, her nahualli, angered at the lack of bird eating, goes into an insane rage and eats the bird, causing her to immediately experience a crisis of faith and go even further off the deep end. She spends a lot of time insane over the course of the game. Sowiljr is forced to contain her as much as possible, keep up appearances of her sanity and try to replace this bird before Quetzal notices. He succeeds on most fronts, but his wife's suicidal rages put a heavy weight on his heart. Jioni comes to help get them off the pyramid and into the safety of Eztli's underworld, but there Eztli demands that Sowiljr punish her with death for her crimes. It was a painful, brutal day that they eventually got through.

Part 2a: This probably deserves more explanation. There are a lot of moving parts to the Eztli meltdown. She's overcome by self-loathing at her failure. She must commit suicide for failing her duty. She stabs herself, which does tons of damage. However, Folkvardr is currently dedicated to her welfare and has the power to take damage in her stead. Sowiljr doesn't want to let either of them take damage lest he start having an even worse day, and he also has that power, so they roll off to see whose reaction time is fast enough to take the hits. Sowiljr wins and almost dies from the one Eztli power blow. Eztli realizes she hurt her husband and is further mortified. Knowing that Sowiljr will die if this keeps up, she begs Sowiljr himself to kill her. He does so, doing just enough damage to knock her out. As she then regenerates every three hours he must do it again, for 24 hours. It was brutal... and kind of the second time all this has happened. Various gods also pointed out repeatedly to Sowiljr that he should figure out how to "fix this kind of thing".

Part 3: Sowiljr's test: This one is pretty simple. Xipe Totec is testing his training with plants and understanding of Mexica dogma. He was presented with three fruits growing on vines that he had to talk to, figuring out which of the three he was supposed to eat. After what seemed like an eternity of frustration, one of the fruits back-talked him, and he responded by growing 150 feet tall and shoving all three (along with a great deal of dirt and vines) into his mouth. This technically let him pass. He has a long history of fruits giving him lip.

Part 4: Eztli's test: With her father missing, Eztli is receiving training from Marduk. Marduk had told Sowiljr at the end of the Kingsmoot to bring Eztli by in a week, but with her recent insanity he thought it'd be good to bring her early. Marduk, however, was busy copulating with his wife still and so they had some time to blow. They are greeted by Utnapishtim who gets them all their hospitality needs and asks Sowiljr if he'd like to see his boats(he does. Sowiljr fucking loves boats). He and Sowiljr take a long peaceful ride while Eztli waits and her nahualli pigs out at a feast of magic delicacies. Sowiljr and Utnapishtim almost descend into the primordial realm of water in order to continue their awesome time at sea, but they both steel themselves and head back to shore. As a gift, Utnapishtim gives the boat to Sowiljr. He also reminds him that there is definitely not a flood coming, so he definitely doesn't have to worry about anything like that... but he totally needs this boat.

Part 4a: Eztli's test got long and I didn't even talk about the test yet! Eventually Marduk greats them and is slightly annoyed at Eztli's lack of understanding of basic concepts, but he gives her the test anyway. She must solve a difficult (for her) political puzzle based on hierarchy of loyalty in a feudal system. Through force of will and determination she figures it out, and the prize is being forced to survive a horrible firestorm. The horrible firestorm was far easier than the political test. Marduk is still frustrated with speaking to her however, and stresses that she must be able to read and write (at least) before she returns.

Part 5: Currency: As they're leaving, they see Sin flying the moon across the sky. Sowiljr asks him to use his powers over the moon's madness to heal Eztli of her temporary insanities. He agrees, but for a price. He wants payment in the form of an ancient magical currency that only the gods have... but Sowiljr has never heard of. He agrees (paying interest if he can't get it soon) and Eztli is healed.

Part 6: I kinda forget what happened, it was a late night. Eztli and Sowiljr headed back to New Iceland to consult Jioni and Folkvardr about what this currency could be and where they might get it. Folkvardr pulled the ol' pretend-to-be-a-hermit-and-beg-for-clothes and then rewards the humans that give him clothes. And like something else happened with everyone... but it was a long night and I've forgotten. Players, any ideas?

Wednesday: 7pm - 12am

This game takes place in the mid 1800s. The year is currently 1854.


Hao: A mystic healer from the far East who believes in maximum familial loyalty.
Lionel: An American cotton plantation owner. He has acquired many land holdings across the world in his travels.
Mohini: A temple dancer (devadasi) from India. She travels the world enjoying life, but missing her husband.
Padma: A British aristocrat stolen away as part of a farcical marriage. She tries to temper her husband's wild side.
Shadan: Prodigal son of the Shah of Iran. A gambler, drunk, and lover of all intoxicates; his marriage keeps him grounded.

The wedding day starts well for the ladies and difficultly for the men. Agni guards Shadan's cell, making sure he isn't attempting anything sneaky, and generally torturing him when he feels like it. Shadan finds out that he is meeting Vishnu today somewhere and needs a gift. He gives Hao some gold to go purchase a suitable gift (but unfortunately, this task is impossible). Agni taunts Shadan by giving him time limits to pick out the correct outfit and then lighting all the other outfits on fire. Lionel relaxes and enjoys temple life. Mohini and Padma excitedly get ready for a wedding.

(Reminder, Padma and Shadan have kinda been married for four years already, but now it's official!)

Lakshmi arrives and takes the girls on a parade through the city, making sure everyone sees her beautiful daughter on her wedding day and blessing the populous with luck and happiness.

Shadan, on the other hand, is taken in Agni's firey chariot to the mountain of trials, where he must prove that he is willing to brave all sorts of tests of pain and illusions. He is stuck there, bleeding, hungry, thirsty, dying, for what seems like months before he reaches the top to find Vishnu. After a long talk about responsibility, the evil of his people, how useless Shadan has been so far as a person, and many other topics, Vishnu agrees to let the marriage take place with a few caveats. Shadan must spy on his family for Vishnu, and he must swear an oath to be a loving husband to Padma. He agrees to both of these. The oath changes his perspective on his responsibilities, and Shadan willingly gives his magical Tesla knife (that almost killed Padma) up to Vishnu because he doesn't want it ever accidentally hurting his wife again. Then servants clean him up and he is brought back to earth for the marriage as the parade ends.

The marriage takes place over Agni's sacred fire in the courtyard of a gorgeous temple. They circle the fire seven times, saying their vows, and at the end are completely engulfed in the flames as Vishnu says the final prayers of the service. Vishnu gives Shadan a golden sword as a symbol of his new responsibility and reminds Shadan that he has just taken the first few steps, of many, in acceptance among the deva. Everyone is happy as the moon rises and they are taken away from the temple, back to Paris (for some reason the moon has been teleporting them around the world for the past few weeks, they still aren't sure why yet). Shadan and Padma head to their honeymoon suite, and the rest of the group go to the Moulin Rouge (constructed 40 years earlier than it was in real life). They watch a show and try to assess if anyone here remembers the horrible fight that took place that almost killed Padma, but no one seems to remember.

After some music, an impressively technical version of The Tempest takes place. The part of Caliban is played by a particularly charismatic dwarf named Alfonse who attracts Mohini's fancy.

After the show they meet and go out for drinks across the street. Some confusion in translation between Hao, Lionel, and Alfonse has Alfonse thinking that Lionel is President of America. Some more drinking and singing and dancing later, spurred on by his want to impress Mohini, Alfonse whips the patrons of the bar into a frenzy, and starts a mob intent on rallying the people against the locals who are trying to shut down the theater.

Everyone heads out singing at five o'clock in the morning. Shadan and Padma hear the songs as they bathe together. As they rush out to meet the mob, they each realize that the other is pregnant... not with a child, but with plant spores. They are confused, but dont mention it to each other. That's something to deal with later.