Thursday, May 29, 2014

Game Recap: Week Four

This week's recap is a little late thanks to getting some friends shipped off to the airport, but here we go! Thanks to us being out of town this weekend, the New York game and the all-gods game did not meet, but we've still got some nineteenth-century action coming at you.

This game takes place in the mid 1800s. The year is currently 1854.


Hao: A mystic healer from the far East who believes in maximum familial loyalty.
Lionel: An American cotton plantation owner. He has acquired many land holdings across the world in his travels.
Mohini: A temple dancer (devadasi) from India. She travels the world enjoying life, but missing her husband.
Padma: A British aristocrat stolen away as part of a farcical marriage. She tries to temper her husband's wild side.
Shadan: Prodigal son of the Shah of Iran. A gambler, drunk, and lover of all intoxicates; his marriage keeps him grounded.

Having just returned to Paris after Padma and Shadan's wedding and gotten caught up in the impromptu peoples' revolution being led by the actor Alfonse, the game picks up with Mohini (who doesn't speak any French and really has no idea what's going on) marching and dancing with the revolution while Padma and Shadan look on from the rooftops, Lionel participates for his own glory and Hao wonders how to keep everyone in one piece. It looks like things are about to get ugly as churchmen and members of the aristocracy begin to come out to oppose the artists and laborers, but before human-on-human violence can erupt, Padma and Shadan spy some of the silver moon rabbits that previously attacked them, apparently being led by a strange knight on a white horse. They warn the group below, and Lionel rallies the mortals to fight while Mohini takes off to defend her friends. Alfonse also tries to jump into the fray to protect Mohini when the knight begins to try to drag her onto his horse, and together with Lionel he manages to hold him at bay. Shadan kills one of the rabbits while the others beat on him and Padma, until Mohini climbs up to them and destroys the others with her urumi, and everyone is struck seemingly at random by dangerous bolts of moonlight. Finally they defeat the knight, but not before he impales Mohini on his spear, leaving everyone injured, drained and exhausted. Hao saves the day with medicine and prevents anyone's demise, and everyone retires to the inn to recuperate.

Padma decides to figure out what's going on with the random moon teleportation thing once and for all, and settles down to meditate and search for an answer to all these occult goings-on, with Shadan waiting impatiently in the background; meanwhile, Alfonse invites Mohini to spend the night with him, which she agrees to after some initial hesitation, believing that because he is clearly magical he must be an avatar of her divine husband. Hao, upset by her apparent infidelity, attempts to break in and stop the assignation, but she refuses to leave and he doesn't believe her explanation, and he eventually ends up leaving in a huff. Shadan, Hao and Lionel go out into the city to look for clues and meet contacts while Padma continues to try to come up with an explanation for what is happening to them, but they are not able to discover too much, and after Hao tells Shadan that Alfonse might be a homewrecker, they all hurry back to the inn in case Padma needs rescuing.

Meanwhile, the French police have arrived in response to the riot last night and are looking for Alfonse, who is well-known locally and wanted for being the ringleader. He and Mohini escape out a window and manage to sneak past the guards, and everyone meets up again near the Moulin Rouge to discuss what to do next. Alfonse goes back to getting ready for his next performances, and Padma explains that they seem to be being transported from several important locations in response to the needs of a specific group of goddesses, each of them acting as patron of a certain area or situation that they are being called upon to help. She has determined that Ishtar is the one who wants them in Paris, and that she probably wants them to stop the government from cracking down on the Moulin Rouge and the performers and artists of the city. Lionel suggests assassinating the king and performing a coup, but everyone else is hesitant to initiate violence, and instead they concoct a plan to convince the king and other nobles to come see performances and become patrons of the arts themselves so they'll stop opposing them. To that end, Lionel announces himself as President of America and goes to see the king, taking Mohini along so she can demonstrate if necessary, and leaves the rest of the group to get ready to put on a truly spectacular arts festival.

As the curtain closes, Shadan and Padma discover that they are both pregnant again, with a second set of spore children each. Hao is disapproving.