Thursday, May 8, 2014

Game Recap: Week 1

Each week on Thursdays we'll do a recap here of the previous week's games that I run. These games each take place in a different universe, and for this first week I'll do a quick catch-up on the characters and plots of the three games. You can follow up with the games in real time (kinda) via the tweets on the right side of the blog during the game.

Sunday, 4pm to 12am

This game has run since 2009 and started in real time. It is now the year 2016 in game.


Sowiljr: King of the Norse gods, one of the most beautiful beings in existence.
Folkvardr: General of the armies of Gimli (new, post-Ragnarok Asgard) and Sowiljr's trusted vizier.
Eztli: The Mexica gods' sword, Sowiljr's wife, terrifying giant bat monster that rules the underworld.
Jioni: Queen of Erebus. Constantly torn by her loyalties to her husband, the Greek gods, her own pantheon, and a promise she made to a deceased friend.

Currently, they seek to use the omphalos stones from the heart of each primordial realm to repair the cracks and breaks in Tartarus, in an attempt to prevent those imprisoned there from breaking free. They have accumulated half of them, but are constantly delayed by pantheon politics and being gods for their people. Most recently, Sowiljr finished his two-week break from the group, in which he was hosting a gathering of the heads of the surviving pantheons. Folkvardr has been taking this time to travel with his mentor Manannan mac Lir to gather the most powerful fate-weavers in the universe in order to repair the damage that has been done to Fate itself by gods attempting to change it. Jioni and Eztli accidentally wound up securing Apep in Tartarus with the help of a cadre of other gods (who all demanded favors for the assistance, of course). In the middle of the battle, Eztli and Hel also had a throw-down. As they were putting Apep in Tartarus, they had the help of a Bres, lord of tyranny, but once Apep was secured the gods double-crossed him.

Wednesday: 7pm - 12am

This game takes place in the mid 1800s. The year is currently 1854.


Hao: A mystic healer from the far East who believes in maximum familial loyalty.
Lionel: An American cotton plantation owner. He has acquired many land holdings across the world in his travels.
Mohini: A temple dancer (devadasi) from India. She travels the world enjoying life, but missing her husband.
Padma: A British aristocrat stolen away as part of a farcical marriage. She tries to temper her husban's wild side.
Shadan: Prodigal son of the Shah of Iran. A gambler, drunk, and lover of all intoxicates; his marriage keeps him grounded.

The group only met a few days ago, on February 2nd, 1854. They quickly realized that as the moon rose each night, they found themselves in a different part of the world. Consulting the mysteries of the universe, Padma realized that they were being randomly taken to one of five places each day, and that each place has a secret they must unlock... but they won't be there long enough to do so. Most recently, they've arrived in France, where the government has been shutting down all the arts venues. Through a particularly unlucky chain of events, Padma was brought to the brink of death, accidentally murdered by the backfire of Shadan's weapon. In the nick of time she was saved by Lakshmi, and the group has been brought to India for the brief "hiatus" of a mandatory official wedding. Because Shadan is an evil asura.... most of his new in-laws are very not pleased.

Saturday: 10am - 3pm

This game takes place in modern-day New York City, but hidden writings throughout the city seem to indicate some dark secrets about their predicament.

Corey: A young Fox News intern. He's done the loaves and fishes bit a few times and people think he's Jesus. Also he grows weed in his basement.
Russell: An ex-UFC fighter who is a member of the elite super-hero group Containment Prime. He is also a drunk.
Seif: An Iraqi insurgent who has become trapped in the city. He has his young daughter with him at all times.
Skylar: An autistic teenage super-genius. He doesn't understand people, but is somehow also a member of Containment Prime.
Valentina: An international art thief who is hanging with the group for the meantime for protection.

A few weeks ago, a sudden storm seemed to coincide with a portal to Hades opening up on the South Manhattan Beach. This started a zombie outbreak that the heroes have been dealing with for weeks. Skylar is working hard in the lab on a cure while the others scour the city for survivors and try to keep their wits about them. Recently, Valentina summoned a massive herd of cats to search for survivors, but she awoke an ancient cat being that had other ideas. While she battled with the ancient being in another - time/place/universe? - the cats on earth went wild with power and a great battle of cats vs. humans broke out. The fallout of the event left Skylar and Corey bloodied and dying while Valentina brought all the newly savage cats to the bird sanctuary on South Brother Island.

There ya go! A little longer than I wanted, but I had to get the introductions in. See ya around next week!