Monday, May 5, 2014

Boring Schedule Stuff

Anne keeps telling me that schedule info is totally boring and no one wants to hear about it. But then people keep asking questions about it! So I'm going to tell you about our weekly output schedule and our schedule going forward to release.


  • May 1st - Announcement. (This part already happened!
  • May 21st - Kickstarter Launch (tentative).
  • June 21st - Game release (or at least the end of the Kickstarter - there are many possible difficulties that may push this back a bit). This first release will include the core book, which has everything you need to play and the first four pantheons. Then we will deal with all the million things I'm certain will crop up.

And then:

After release, as long as everything goes well and we can do this full-time, we'll be aiming to publish a book every month. These will include new Spheres (magic powers for Heroes), new pantheons, extended rules, different setting books with playable stories, and printed fiction in novel form (and we're open to other suggestions, of course). Which project we do each month will be greatly influenced by our sponsors/backers instead of forum polls this time around, although we're still interested in what you guys as a whole would like to see.


Our weekly schedule hopes to build hype and excitement about the products while still being informative and useful to people who've come to enjoy our website more for the content and less for the game. Anne already posted the bare bones, but here's a little more detail.

  • Monday: Vlogs/Releases. On Mondays, we'll talk about upcoming releases and how projects are going so far. If there is no pressing news, this spot will be where our "traditional" vlog would appear. The quality of the traditional vlog will go up significantly now, with the help of an awesome professional editor working on it.
  • Tuesday: Mythic Questions. We answer questions about mythology and ancient religions from the Question Box. This'll be pretty similar to what we've done in the past, now on a specific day of the week that you can always tune in for myth stories.
  • Wednesday: Anne's Lady Stuff Corner. I'm sure she'll be able to come up with a better name than that. Gender/sexuality questions often come up in the Question Box and those may be answered here, but Anne will also take the time to write on gender topics that come up in the game world, mythology, history or the modern world.
  • Thursday: Game Recaps. Apparently people find these interesting, and that's fun. We'll do a quick and dirty recap of our games from that week and highlight the exciting/fun/dumb/intense things the characters did. This will rotate between written and vlog (probably a less graphically awesome vlog than on Mondays), based on time constraints.
  • Friday: Art Day. If there is a book in the works (which there always should be), some of the new art will be "spoiled" here. We'll also use this space to highlight artists working for us and hopefully get them some press, as well as talking about some of our favorite art and artists from history and modern sources.
  • Saturday: Grab Bag. Although Saturday has traditionally been our vlog day, we're now changing it to a sort of rotating topics day. Some weeks we'll do a string of answering questions from the Question Box, some weeks we'll talk about the business of the company/future plans/current frustrations, and some weeks we'll have a blog or vlog on how to craft stories for the game.
  • Sunday: Rest and Prep. Sunday we'll relax and start working on the following week's topics.

I know it'll take some adjustment, but I hope people like the new schedule over the next few weeks. Obviously, time constraints are a huge factor, but we'd be happy to hear about any other ideas you have for blog content or things you'd like to see in the future.

PS: The forums have been jumpin' so far. It's really exciting and we're really glad you are having a good time with them. Also, excellent job everyone of being civil :)