Friday, May 30, 2014

Art Sneak Preview: Kali

Art day is the best day! Because the Kickstarter is doing so awesomely, we're releasing a set of four of the finished god portraits that will appear in the book, each in a different place around the web. And here on the blog, it's the Black Mother herself, fearsome Kali.

She carries the severed head of human ego, which she has cut free to allow the attainment of enlightenment, the kapala skull-cup in which she catches its blood to sate her thirst, the trishula whose forks represent creation, balance and destruction, and the sickle she uses to inevitably destroy her enemies (both spiritual and physical). Her skin is dark to represent her connection to the pure and uncontrolled power of shakti, and she wears no clothes because she is beyond all illusions and attempts to hide anything - except, of course, for the garland of skulls of slain enemies around her neck and the skirt of severed human arms, representing that all works of humanity (especially violent ones) eventually come from and return to her.

We must presume that Shiva is down there under her foot somewhere, and the edge of the portrait is just hiding him.