Friday, May 23, 2014

Art Sneak Preview: Baldr and Hel

It's art day, and we're here with the final round of pantheon sneak previews: the Norse gods! These guys are all over popular media right now thanks to a healthy marathon of movies and television shows, but the artists went back to the basics to try to get some good old-fashioned Nordic feel with them. The results are pretty great.

Speaking of great, here's Baldr, looking hella like a guy you would like to spend some time with, drinking, laughing or playing a rousing game of hurl-weapons-at-his-face. He is a manly delight and we all want to drunkenly hang out with him.

On the other hand, nobody wants to hang out with Hel.

Our favorite things about these sketches are that not only are there no punches pulled about Hel's connection to death and half-faced appearance, but that she looks like a queenly, no-nonsense monarch of her realm without even having to try very hard. She is not having any of your whines about how you don't want Baldr to be dead. (I mean, would you want to kick him out of your house?)

We've done sketches for each of the pantheons in the upcoming release now, but never fear, there will be more art previews on the way later!