Friday, May 9, 2014

Art Sneak Preview: Artemis and Hades

Are you guys ready for art day? We always are, because art is hella exciting and we are basically in a neverending struggle not to just publish it all to the site immediately as soon as it's done, yelling LOOK LOOK AT WHAT THE ARTISTS DID ISN'T THAT COOL?

Today, we've got a couple of previews of some Greek deities, bringing a little classical flair to the blog.

When we talked to the artists about these guys, we were not what you would call champions of specificity. "Oh, you know," we said, "Artemis should look kind of wild, kind of fleet of foot." Bless the artists for their professionalism, because they not only didn't quit, they came up with a bunch of fantastic options anyway.

And despite our probably not overly helpful guidelines of "he should look powerful" and "I don't know, darkness?", the lord of the chthonic realms of death here is also looking like a badass not even slightly in disguise:

Between Artemis' youthful exuberance and energy and Hades' lofty, regal air of brooding power, we're basically in love. As always, these are just roughs and the finished product will probably knock everyones' socks off.

If you'd like to drop by and give the artists props or talk to them about their work, you can find Samantha Braithwaite here and Stephanie Braithwaite here.